Back in 1815, the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history killed over 92,000 people and caused global climate anomalies.

Until today, Tambora remains the worst and the most dangerous volcano in the world.

Mountain Tambora

About Mountain Tambora

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Tambora euption

Tambora's eruption

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Year without summer 1816

Enviromental effects

World’s most destructive volcanoes are termed as ‘destructive’ because of the death toll involved.

Decade Volcanoes

A volcano may be termed as a Decade Volcano if it exhibits more than one volcanic hazard i.e. tephra fall, pyroclastic flows or lahars, silicic lava flows, edifice instability and lava dome collapse. If it also shows recent geological activity and is located in a populated area is a threat to hundereds of people. A total of 16 volcanos have been designated as deadly volcanos, as per International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior. In fact the name happened because of a UN sponsored project- International Decade for Natural Disaster Destruction (1990- 2000). In short, decade volcanos are considered to be the most dangerous, notorious and hazardous volcanos.

The project mainly involved conducting workshops, identifying strengths and weaknesses of lowering risks during each eruption and addressing the notified weaknesses.

Volcano’s Magma

Volcano Magma

Volcanoes & Landslides

Volcano Landslide