Colima volcano

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Colima volcano in Mexico is locally termed as ‘fuego’ meaning fire. It is one of the active volcanos in Mexico and North America. It has been active for almost 5 million years now.


Before erupting in 1993, it was dormant for about 45 years. About 3 lakh people live within 40 km of the volcano, and because of its large eruptions and situation in a densely populated area, it was designated as a decade volcano. Eruptions of the volcano have occurred in 1991, 1998–1999 and from 2001 to the present day, with activity being characterised by expulsion of angry lava forming a dome with pyroclastic flows, tephra and ashes to contribute. The largest eruption of this volcano was in 2005. An ash cloud of about 3 feet hovered over the volcano and it witnessed by a satellite that it spread till 200 km on the west even hours after the eruption. 5 km of pyroclastic flows and and 4 km of lava reached upto a distance of about 4 km away from the volcano. After two weeks it erupted again and it was extremely large and the plumes that got spewed out of it reached 5 km above the crater rim. Atleast 3- 4 nearby villages were ordered to be evacuated.

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